V0.009 10/18/2019 - Initial Alpha hotfix

V0.009 10/18/2019 - Initial Alpha hotfix

-Fixed controller bindings for WMR devices
-Added ship tunneling comfort option to main menu
-Fixed "floor holes" in Police Station and Old Tech Town
-Increased player collision radius to mitigate falling through cracks
-Removed Hand shadows
-Corrected AR location labels
-Fixed some cruiser and door AR "exits"
-Added back buttons to AR inventory and options menus
-Fixed re-centering for ship (button 1 on right controller)
-Corrected capsule apartment door labels
-removed superfluous buttons on the arm rests of ship
-minor tweaks and adjustments


low-fi-dev_build.zip 12 GB
Version 9 Oct 18, 2019


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