V0.011 12/2/2019 - Pawnstars


V0.011 12/2/2019 - Pawnstars

-Added Pawnshop location
-New weapon/utility load-out and loot system (hold A on hand, select loadout for that hand)
-Started adding video displays and adboards.
-Moved default player position back in cockpit
-Early vendor testing in Jade's circuit (new Kowloon) "Chinatown"
-Started weight limitation / upgrade system
-Added test cybertruck to Diner location
-Visual improvements to multiple areas

V0.01 10/24/2019 - Diners, Drive-ins, and dives

-Riverside Diner location
-Added "physical" cockpit controls for cruiser
-Added Flight Trainer test scene to Police Station (times out after 120 seconds)
-Fixed "floor holes" in Azrail Hotel
-Fixed some glitchy clunker footsteps in police station
-Re-centering in cockpit fixed
-Fixed screen discoloring in cockpit

V0.009 10/18/2019 - Initial Alpha hotfix

-Fixed controller bindings for WMR devices
-Added ship tunneling comfort option to main menu
-Fixed "floor holes" in Police Station and Old Tech Town
-Increased player colision radius to mitigate falling through cracks
-Removed Hand shadows
-Corrected AR location labels
-Fixed some cruiser and door AR "exits"
-Added back buttons to AR inventory and options menus
-Fixed recentering for ship (button 1 on right controller)
-Corrected capsule apartment door labels
-removed superfluous buttons on the arm rests of ship
-minor tweaks and adjustments

V0.008 10/17/2019 - Initial Alpha release


low-fi-dev_build.zip 12 GB
Version 11 Dec 02, 2019


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how to upload to each version?

Anyone having issues spawning outside of the car rather than in it?

Yes, thats a known issue with steam. Trying to figure it out. 
You can reset the camera view with the A button on the right controller for now.

My computer keeps saying that the file is forbidden and cannot finish the download. I've tried checking firewall and windows defender and a few other things, but to no avail, I can't download the game after purchasing.

Hmm, I dont know what that is. Are you installing through the itch.io app? Or just downloading the zip?

Try the other one whichever it is. File should be fine on my end.

How do I download the itch.io app?


Nevermind, sorry I found the app download for itch.io


I've been checking for this ever since you talked about it on twitter lol.