V0.012 12/30/2019 - Glitz and Glamour

-Casino Environment added

-Volumetric Density particles fixed (needs to be added to graphics menu for performance)
-Shootable Delivery Drones (will be lootable)
-Graphics menu options (AA/Film Grain)
-Seated/Standing mode switch
-Performance captured character test (capsule apartment lavatory)
-Fast Travel System (Autonav)
-Basic Credits system


low-fi-dev_build.zip 12 GB
Version 12 Dec 30, 2019


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will npc be animated like skyrim and fallout?

very good performance capture face on guy in lavatory.will they follow me as a companion and have movable arms and legs? like the people in skyrim and fallout 4 vr?

Cheers. You will have followers, but that character wont be one of them. Not sure what you mean by movable arms and legs. heh

will they shoot back, move like the npc's in fall out 4 and skyrim? or they just stand there. all the npc"s so far are just standing there.

They will move. But probably not shoot back.


Awesome! Testing now.