V0.013 03/21/2020 - Pandemic response

-Seated/Standing options added to game start
-Decontamination gates added to Techtown and Kowloon
-Quinn's Arcade in Old Techtown
-Working GB emulator. Player must supply Libretro Core and Rom files (instructions will be included, new emulators coming in future builds)         -Emulator instructions in "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx"
-Updated Techtown environment
-Blacklight/Luminol flashlight
-back end framework and systems stuff (not full implemented)

     -Notification System
     -Looting System
     -Trade Improvements
     -Clunker physics/animation systems

-Bug fixes and tweaks

Full changelog in LOW-FI-txt in install directory


low-fi-dev_build.zip 12 GB
Version 13 Mar 22, 2020


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I am very interested and I would like to enjoy it on my pimax 5K+.

But I don't have VR controllers, instead I have a wireless xbox controller and a pair of hotas (T16000+TWCS). Are these controllers compatible?

The HOTAS will work, but you need VR controllers to navigate the game unfortunately. 

Too bad for me it's a shame

im pissed a just paid and cant access the game

Sorry if it's a dumb question but couldn't find any clear info.
Once purchased I can acces to current build and final release too, ok. 
But what about future builds, will it also be available for download? Thanks

Yes to all. You get all future builds as well as a copy on the platform of your choosing upon retail release. :)

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Just wanted to drop a note of support, saw this profiled on YT.  Had already played Technolust a while back and am glad to see you have continued to up your game.  Everything looks great so far, but I have one suggestion.  (Using WMR Samsung Odyssey+ if that makes a difference).  Suggestion: Could you move the Control Panel of the cruiser back like a foot and a half?  It's so close I have to crane my neck and almost hold my right hand behind my head to press the buttons.  Otherwise, the game looks amazing. You've nailed the atmosphere, love the precision flight control on the cruiser. Happy to support and looking forward to the finished game! (edited to remove bug report, as it was fixed in this update)

bonjour, est ce que la version itch.io donnera accès à la version steam ?

Oui. When it's complete.


hello im just saying he needs a big apartment with rachial in a mission and when found she will all ways be in the apartment after that, there should be things that you can get for the apartment that can be got in different places and different crimes, im really hoping that the other parts of the city will open up to make it epic,, that what id like as part of the game, if it can be done would you , from deckerrunner