V0.015 Phase 2

V0.015 06/29/2020

-Interactivity pass (player can now pick up and examine most loose world items)
-Graphics update pass with new some new graphic design elements
-New store fronts added in New Kowloon and Tech Town. (New areas coming soon).
-Dialogue system implemented (example via story mode in Police station)
-Force grab added (can pick up objects from a distance)
-Camera tool added (access by taping camera icon on knuckles)
-Quest log added to AR HUD. 
-Basic Upgrade system added to AR HUD.
-More emulation options (see "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx" in installation folder for details)
-Clunker physicality (can knock off path/kill[some] clunkers)
-Keep an eye out for "watchers", above the streets 
-Debug menu added to AR HUD("cheats", inventory, fast travel, etc.)
-Updated door functionality
-Many bug fixes and jank removal.
-Lots of back-end work on writing, dialogue and general game mechanics.

More information in install folder files "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx" for emulator information.
"LOW-FI.txt" for general development information and "changelog.txt" for change log history.


low-fi-dev_build.zip 14 GB
Version 15 Jun 30, 2020


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Hello I got the game a day ago and I loved it I can't wait for the whole game when it's finished, can I you me discord channel? also question ,when you guys upload a new update and when the games is finished do I have to buy again or I'll see the updates here to download? thanks

No, you wont have to buy it again. Updates on itch come for free, you just have to download them, and yes to discord. Just drop me an email to my name here at gmail. :)


Awesome work so far! The world you've created is beautiful and atmospheric, I'm really looking forward to seeing what it becomes! I purchased the alpha here a couple days ago, do I also get access to the discord channel?

Thanks :) Sure, send me email to my name here at gmail and I'll get you a discord link.

buy it a couple week ago ....im on v.012 ...can i just download V0.015 and all the other version will be instaled? or i have to download V13-14 before

sorry for my bad english im french ;)

You only need the latest version :)


I have to say, I'm stunned at the artistic, immersive cyberpunk world you've created from the music to the noir feel it's quite remarkable, can't wait for story missions to be added as it develops. I laughed hysterically at the fact that Charlie from Lost is a pleasure android in one of the apartments lol. at the beginning after you check in with the deputy and get your firearm, where do you go to do the psych evaluation or has it not gotten that far?

Thank you :)
It's not gotten that far yet. Will be some psych eval in the next update

Looking good, starting to get a feel for what this might become.  How do I get access to the discord channel, I didn't get any info when I purchased?

Cheers Ian :)
Send me an email to my name here at gmail dot com and I'll hook you up :)

Is there a roadmap?

Enjoying the update.

Having trouble getting the Emulator's to work. Your guide mentioned dragging out the .dll files, but cannot see these files when the Zip is downloaded from the provided links?

Does the camera tool save photos ?

Yes, currently not in an available format, but that will change. They'll be used in game an accessible to the you as well.


Excited to dive in and see the new changes.  Thanks!


Love the new update, the interactivity is cool and it looks beautiful as always. The couple of bugs I've noticed are the demo scenario behind the holodexxx being gone, despite still showing the AR HUD elements for NPCs, and the door for the seafood shop crashing the game (I assume because the environment has not been added yet).

Aside from the performance issues, the game is finally looking like a really solid open world. I can't wait to see it get fleshed out into a fuller experience.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Hi. I have YawVR, and waiting Feel Three. So, will be incredible to drive the ship in LOW-FI, expecting program since I saw Blade Runner, in 82! Thanks for this Complete Great Game. 

file link isnt working.. tried on both ms edge and firefox

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Yup, same here. Can't click anything to download. Using Chrome :( 

Edit: Using one of the old links from previous updates worked for me! ;)

just checked older links.. none of them are working for me

click the arrow next to your login name, go to "my library" you should see the download