v0.017 Uneeda Hotfix

-Fixed hands not working in cruiser
-Fixed door to Uneeda Cybernetics
-Fixed lighting bug in Police Station
-New smoother cruiser functions screen

-New Area - Uneeda Cybernetics in Old TechTown 
-Minor post processing performance enhancements
-Started database (codex) in police station.
-Fixed Crash related to 3 Clans Seafood in Kowloon
-Backend scene setup for character animations
-Contextual dialog system added (backend)
-Lots of backend mission/quest/analytics stuff
-Bug fixes and optimizations

More information in install folder files "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx" for emulator information.
"LOW-FI.txt" for general development information and "changelog.txt" for change log history.


low-fi-dev_build.zip 12 GB
Version 17 Jul 12, 2020


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Hello everyone!

I recently downloaded LOW-FI. The game is really cool and offers many interaction possibilities that other vr games don't and I was just wondering... does anyone else get completely blinded by the light in game? There is a lot of lights in the game and everytime I look at some light my entire screen get white and im blinded, just like that until i turn the opposite direction of where the light is shining. 

Anyone who experienced this and maybe knows how to fix it? Thank you!

I love this game a lot, its atmospheric to the max <3
The only thing is I cant really play it... at least not the story, when I try to select dialogue it does nothing :( my hand goes through it, it makes a sound, but it doesn't select the dialogue. It works fine when interacting with objects, but not the NPC's.
Is it something im doing wrong??

Hey Rocky, most of the NPC dialog hasnt been put in yet. The game is still in alpha.

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I just wanted to tell you congrats on making a very early build of what should become a very high recommended VR title. Only thing that kinda annoys me is when you raise your hands up just alittle, even if your holding an object, the scanner to see exits and other useful info pops up too much, but hey im no developer, just giving some insight since im merely a player and a big sci fi fan. I literally feel like im in bladerunner when i enter the world. Thank you so much and please, please keep pushing forward with this project. Btw, your project is getting around on facebook and other social media sites, thats how i found out about Low-Fi.


I did not discover this project until the kickstarter was over.  I have purchased here on itch.io, but would like access to the discord channel.  If I donate additional funds, is it possible to get access to the discord at this point?  

Please keep up the the great work!  The lighting in the game is really immersive.  I love it.

Yep, no problem. Just drop me an email to my name here at gmail. Will send you an invite :)


Just can't get enough of this game !Your work is phenomenal !




As always, thanks for working hard on this.  Exciting to see it starting to all come together now.

Stoked to be supporting you and this game, Blair. I have a problem with the SNES Emulator tho, the link downloaded version x2002, and the GitHub took me to a full X2010 DL, not just the x2010 .dll, so SNES core isnt being recognized, GB is fine however. Do you have a link to the x2010 SNES core .dll you could send me pls? Clayfighters is awaiting my return! ;)

ack, less direct than I`d like, but it'll be a part of this you'll need to extract and move https://docs.libretro.com/guides/download-cores/

Deleted 1 year ago

Did you get yours to run? And if so, did you just install the entire folder of things at the provided link? https://github.com/libretro/snes9x2010? It seems like it should be a lot less than that folder of stuff after extracting it all, unlike the GameBoy emulator, which was just a single .dll gets dropped into the Cores folder and youre good to go.I followed the Link you sent above, but it wasnt pointing to a file to DL.


Apologies for that, that's just supposed to be explanatory documentation. You'll need to download the Retroarc package here, that will contain the necessary dll (you're looking for 2010) https://retroarch.com/?page=platforms


After a bit of poking at it, I've got it up and running. There's a pretty harsh sound glitch, but for the most part its up and running, Thanks so much, I'm really looking forward to playing oldies all night at the arcade!

Hi, I backed the kickstarter (35) and can't find the mail to try this thing. I hope I've connected my accounts correctly, but let me know what I can do :)

Please send me a message through Kickstarter and I'll send you your link again.

Bonjour, pour les mises à jour on est obligé de télécharger l'intégralité du jeux? Ou la mise à jour est automatique.?

Il faut télécharger l intégralité du jeux chaque fois