​​V0.022 - Enhance

V0.022 08/27/2020 - Enhance

- Massive performance enhancements in multiple areas
- Fixed late fade outs in multiple areas and camera drops after loads
- Updates to Android Underground, Skyworxxx Casino, Blackwater Diner, Metacorp Tower, Holodexxx
- Multiple new skins added to various clunkers

More information in install folder files "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx" for emulator information.

"LOW-FI.txt" for general development information and "changelog.txt" for change log history


low-fi-dev_build.zip 12 GB
Version 22 Aug 27, 2020


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How do I get into the discord? Anyone know how to purchase this awesome soundtrack? Cheers!


Discord you need to send an email to my name here at gmail. Soundtrack will be available after launch ;)

sent from brdbowman at Gmail

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Hello, just got game. Looks amazing. Controlling police hover craft reminds me a lot old Amiga game Killing Cloud. BTW how I can activate settings menu on the right bottom of hud? With LOAD/SAVE/SETTINGS stuff? I saw it on some YT videos.

Edit: Found it :)

any plans to implement better aa? right now kinda looks like a flickery light show...

Trying different options. We're using deferred rendering path for better lighting, which limits our options.
Hopefully, by the time we launch there will be something that cleans up the sparkling. 

Is there a Discord for Low-Fi?

There is.. but it's super secret. hehe
Send me an email to my name here at gmail and Ill give you access.


I can't teleport (in any direction) in the sewer area. It only lets me tap backwards, so I end up constantly tapping back on the joystick to view all of the new areas in the sewer.

My bad. It'll be fixed soon. Thanks for the report.


Thanks for the reply. I'm using an Oculus Rift S, Standing mode.

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If you EVER, EVER decide to release this on the Oculus Quest - no matter the downgrade in graphics - I would pay twice what you are selling it for. I love this concept, this idea and would personally promote it. What a world I'd love to explore. I'm a Mac user so I can't do VR desktop via the link. Seriously bummed. Serious fan. 

I may have to break down and buy a Rift S and a PC just to play this game. That's how obsessed I am to get into this world you are making!


Virtual Desktop has just released a Mac beta so you should have potential to use your Quest wirelessly via Mac. In fact if your Mac is VR ready you can try this now

Whoa! I'll have to try and find the link on that! thanks for the update. I was totally unaware!

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This is the beta link. Join the Discord here


Thx! I found it. I'm bummed that it isn't to a point where I can run SteamVr on it yet for Mac. I'm keeping my eyes on it. 
I'm a huge Neuromancer/BladeRunner Cyber Punk fan and need to find my way to explore this world. 
I've spent too much $$$ on MAC stuff and now this kid from the 80s has to find a way to upgrade his Vic20 for VR. LOL

Thx...one day.


Just dual boot your Mac into Windows (you can get a cheap license key from somewhere like CJS-CDKeys) and eGPU if needed. I'm using a Quest/PC combo and Low-Fi plays quite smoothly given it's still in development

I'm playing on a WMR headset, and whenever I go to the auto-nav I spawn way above the map. Even crouching all the way down to my floor, I cannot reach the map. Is there anyway I can make my camera spawn lower, or shift the map up to me?

We're working on a fix for this right now. You're in standing mode right?


I am yes. Glad to know it's a known bug too, I'd been meaning to mention it for an update or two.

I cant find the android underground area or where the sewer is in the club district. Any help would be great.

The sewer is past the train tracks beside a car thats run off the road on the left. If you bring up your AR HUD by taping your head you'll be able to find it easier.


Thank you .

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As of installing this update, i get a CTD on launch.  I have tried both the zip and the itch.io launcher version


Right at the beginning? Nothing at the menu has changed. Not sure what it could be. Can you give me more details? Are you running steam or oculus home before running the game?

Before I even get to the menu.  I have oculus open when i start the game.

Hmm, just since the last update? Worked fine before that? Maybe try completely uninstalling and reinstalling? That's odd. Like I said, nothing on the menus has changed, so you should make it that far.


I tried again, and after it stopped responding it sorted itself and loaded fine.  I'm not sure why it didn't work earlier, but I can play now.  Thanks

Any way you could try integrating the YAW VR api for when in the air car? It would be great to have telemetry data to my motion seat during that part of the game. Cheers and great work.

We're looking into this. Just not a high priority currently. Will definitely make telemetry data available before launch though.

One important request. Please update revision numbers in file names. Also, is there a differential download (patch) of only changed/updated files? That would be much smaller.

Yes, if you use the Itch app, it only downloads the changes. If I changed the file name with each upload, that wouldn't be possible.