V0.025 Rise of the Machines

V0.025 Rise of the Machines

- Stopped SteamVR from loading when Oculus HMD is being used.
- Fixed Custom Radio
- New dialogue and tutorial from the Quartermaster
- Dialogue for Fran
- Dialogue for Murphy
- Dialogue for Arcade Barker
- Dialogue for Happy Robot Clerk
- Dialogue for Metacorp Reception
- Temp sound for Metacorp displays at Metacorp Tower
- Daily Quest: Receive daily payment for visiting Police reception
- Fixes to dialogue and quest systems

More information in install folder files "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx" for emulator information.

For Custom radio station add your own music to
c:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\IRIS VR/LOW-FI\

"LOW-FI.txt" for general development information and "changelog.txt" for change log history


low-fi-dev_build.zip 12 GB
Version 25 Oct 06, 2020


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Also watched Day of the Dead part wat through.  Forgot I was in a virtual theatre!  That was awesome.  Can't wait to see where you guys go with this game!


I like your Easter Eggs.  Found 2 so far.  

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It’s just a free roam world at the moment-it’s has no missions ? Can you avoid each time you start...that dancing lady on the start up ? 

There are no mission yet. Correct? Just checking.

Correct. Theyre on their way. Working on some right now.




Wow.... on a roll! Updates are coming thick and fast. Great work