V0.027 Big city lights


- Performance enhancements
- Initial overworld traffic system
- Improved Upgrade system
- Evidence lockup system
- 6 new Cruiser Skins (purchasable) - 4 Pistol skins (purchasable) - 4 Utility glove skins (purchasable) - Improved Cruiser lights
- Working Slot machines in Casino
- Updated Casino environment
- Boxing Arcade game
- Claw/ crane arcade game.
- Arcade Prizes (for cashing in tickets)
- In game Photomode viewer + Access to files in documents/My Games/LOW-FI
- New Deluxe Apartment (purchasable later) - Apartment upgrade system (capsule apartment)

More information in install folder files "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx" for emulator information.

For Custom radio station add your own music to c:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\IRIS VR/LOW-FI\

"LOW-FI.txt" for general development information and "changelog.txt" for change log history


low-fi-dev_build.zip 13 GB
Version 27 Jan 05, 2021


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My only critisism is the buttons on the knuckles are a little too small and close together. It's frustrating to press them when you're using more cumbersome controllers like WMR or Vive wands. Maybe if we had forearms with buttons on them or something? Also, I'm really loving this build, the game is a LOT smoother and the extra traffic really sells the whole Bladerunner vibe. Keep up the good work!


Just purchased and cannot wait to jump in.  I was a young child when Blade Runner first came out and have always loved the aesthetic and ambience of that world.  I cannot wait to see where you world ends up going!  Is there a Discord for Low-Fi?

Thanks for the support! :)

If you email me at my name here at gmail I'll send you a discord invite.

I understand this will not be a top priority but could I ask if there are any plans or way to add support for Hotas/joystick set ups? Whilst I have got relatively used to the controls of aircar, which these appear to be similar to, I do still wish it was possible to just plug in my HOTAS set up and really add to the immersion in flying the cars here. Appreciate the work put in and fully support this development. 


HOTAS Support is already in. Should work fine :)

Any remapping needs to be done outside of the game right now though. We're still figuring out where that menu should go and how it will work.


Impressive,like everything else I’ve seen with this. My wife kindly looked after the kids for a few hours yesterday while I cruised the city with the Bladerunner score playing in the car. Even with increasing the render resolution in Oculus link to maximum and at 90hz it ran buttery smooth on the Quest 2. It is seriously well optimised to run as smooth as that at that. The same settings on aircar resulted in it being a slideshow and not playable.

Loving the small details like the graffiti and Soi Boy adverts etc. Can’t wait to see what the final product is like although the experience so far has been worth the money alone. It’s a dream come true. I’d definitely be up for joining the Discord if possible.   


Can you add a option to remove or avoid the opening dancing scene ? Its not cyberpunk 2077 but they added optional nudity censor. Still with their censor their game is full of trash. This request or comment doesn't suggest your creative software isn't a work of art.Thanks for your game and the updates.


Yay, just downloading! Can't wait to try it.

Thanks a lot and a happy new year! :)