V0.3 Pancake Tuesday

- Alpha Non-VR version (Run "LOW-FI Non-VR.bat")
- Index finger point to trigger AR HUD
- Scaled limo and taxi to proper size
- Operational cabinets in capsule apartment.
- On board scanner and targeting added to cruiser
- Preliminary watcher placement and random spawn
- Fixed transcoding issue with Night of the Living Dead
- 6 New Techno Tracks from Cyberself https://open.spotify.com/artist/3zQcsM5htv6b5bvEJUkmvv
- Fixed centering issue on SteamVR
- Utility Glove Upgraded to wrist mounted computer
- Fixed double sound bug on Slot machines
- Advertising terminals populated

Run "LOW-FI Non-VR.bat" for Non-VR version

More information in install folder files "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx" for emulator information.

For Custom radio station add your own music to c:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\IRIS VR\LOW-FI\

"LOW-FI.txt" for general development information and "changelog.txt" for change log history


low-fi-dev_build.zip 13 GB
Version 30 Feb 23, 2021


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In the fast travel map the hand models are completely disconnected from the HP Motion controllers by about a foot. To interact with the menus on this screen specifically I must reach further in, basically touching the buttons with my elbows. 

In the sewer map, taking the left path all the way to the end, there is nothing preventing the player from falling into the water.  

Activating the helmet scanner, which used to be a difficult gesture on the G2 due to the oversized tracking rings, is now impossible. The finger point does not activate anything.  

I was able to collide with a cassette tape with my hand, knocking it to the floor. This is further evidence that there is probably some way to pick up objects in this game, however it still does not work with the HP motion controllers. I have tried the developer keybinds, the community keybinds, and custom keybinds.

I have figured out that the scanner activates by hitting the utilities button on the glove, so in effect this isn't game breaking. I did like the idea of a hand gesture though.

I just got the game but I am floating above the ship no matter what I try. I have tried resetting my position and room scale and all do the same. It makes it impossible to move forward as I can't touch anything in the cockpit of the ship

I had this issue, but found that hitting A (I think) placed me properly inside the car.

A on what kind of controller? I have this issue but the only way I can get to the vehicle controls is to use advanced controls to change my offset in VR every time I load up a scene with the patrol car.. I'm using the index knuckles with an OG HTC Vive.. I'm tempted to just play it pancake cause of this but VR is just too cool to pass up. =/ Really enjoyed Technolust, Low-Fi is awesome but this one patrol car bug is killing it for me. 

This was on G2 controllers.

Still getting a hard crash when trying to play the big super gameboy at the entrance of the arcade.
Also, what are the 'random spawn'?

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Still can't pick anything up in G2 but also no longer get the little white indicators as if things are meant to be picked up so I don't know if anything was ever supposed to be picked up. I think we're supposed to be able to grab things, otherwise the claw machine doesn't really make sense. Right now the claw only moves up and down because I cant grab the joystick.  

Activating the scanner is an impossible gesture on the G2 and I thought "Index finger point to trigger AR HUD" was some sort of fix but I honestly can't figure this out either.

<img src="https://img.itch.zone/aW1nLzUyOTM5MzcuanBn/original/vJ0WVY.jpg"><img src="https://img.itch.zone/aW1nLzUyOTM5MzguanBn/original/dIUE6V.jpg">I am the only person who has HUD problem, in the ship I cannot see the city without the lines ? I also have another problem I can't take out the gun.

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Same here.

Thanks for another update and will have to try on Pimax.

"- Index finger point to trigger AR HUD" 

I cant wait to try this. Tapping the side of the helmet was finicky on the G2.

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Now I could take the time to properly play the game. A few questions:
1 - I noticed I can now insert a cassette tape on my wrist device and play it. And I can press the eject button and the cassette will be exposed. But I cannot retrieve it from the device to insert another cassette tape. Is there any way to do so?

2 - Is there any way to sprint? The player walks too slowly. I played Seeking Dawn and they implemented a very interesting mechanism: walking is just pressing the thumbstick, but if you swing your arms, you run. Feels very natural, since the game already has swinging arm for a mechanic, can it be made to run?

3 - Is there any quest in the world that can be completed right now? As of now, I still feel alone in the world, and I could not see any dialogues that could give me something to do. I confess haven't played much of this new patch yet, so I would like to know if there is anything I can do for any NPC -- world takes a long time to explore.

4 - The shooting range makes the player waste ammonition. Maybe it would be best to at least have some free ammo there? Or maybe weapons locked to that room that don't spend ammo?

5 - Is there any way to change brightness/contrast? I know the game is made to be dark and sinister, but there are times when I cannot see anything -- maybe it's my headset, but I reckon other people might have this problem.

6 - Any idea on when we would be able to save the game? Starting from scratch every time is tedious.


"Alpha Non-VR version" finally, now I can dive in. I don't own VR yet, but this game convinced me to get it. 

Is there a list of keys anywhere? I searched a body in the morgue and couldn't leave the "take all" interface.

How did you search the body? I approached it and could not search him this time. On the previous patch I could do it (VR version).

Right now it's just 'E' to interact with things by putting the cursor on them. TAB brings up the HUD. The rest is pretty standard first person controls I think.

Yeah E brought it up, but I couldn't select "Take All" or close it at all. 

Hmm.. lets chalk it up to being alpha. Will try to sort it asap.

Thanks for the report.

Oh no worries, not upset or anything, just confused. To be more specific, when I tried to loot the body in the morgue, and the panel popped up, I tried to click the take all button, but the panel moved with the mouse pointer so it was as if the button was "running away" from the pointer. I hope that helps!

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Please don't abandon Low-Fi. Love it. Finish it, at least to a degree where you feel satisfied that it is complete enough for its inhabitants, and those that experience the space.

There's soul in this.. Your soul..

I really vibe with what you said about Technolust being a pocket dimension in the police HQ database.. I hope you fully love and realize your creation so that we can fully appreciate it.

For this you must realize your fullest potential, and the potential of your creation... TECHNOLUST was amazing and I almost agree that the characters in it are sentient in their own way, because they are imbued with energy from your soul... There's something special about passion projects.. Just like the internet's most mysterious song.

I hope this message has the intended effect.

While (and if) I have your attention right now as well, could you possibly have any information that could help me deal with easily repositioning myself inside of the patrol car? I am having the issue where my offset is always above the vehicle.. I have to pop in to OVR controls and manually change my offset everytime I get in to the patrol car.. I want to just flow and relax as I enjoy this world you've created.


Amazing work. I am anxious to have a few quests to solve to make a proper review of the game and divulge this extraordinary game.

Having a non-VR version will certainly expand the public and contribute to the commercial success of the game.

I've been waiting for this release as well. I'm not too keen on VR. Played a few games in VR, but I'm definitely looking forward into getting into desktop release. Been watching lots of videos following progress, and I'm also looking forward to seeing some missions/quests to do things around the world.