V0.31 Center hotfix

- Fixed Centering issues with Steam VR

- Initial in game crypto mining system

- In world radio volume controls

- Ship HUD no longer sticks on halfway

Run "LOW-FI Non-VR.bat" for Non-VR version

More information in install folder files "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx" for emulator information.

For Custom radio station add your own music to c:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\IRIS VR\LOW-FI\

"LOW-FI.txt" for general development information and "changelog.txt" for change log history


low-fi-dev_build.zip 13 GB
Version 31 Mar 09, 2021


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Very excited for Low-Fi! It is amazing the work you are doing with a small team. I haven't bought the game yet as I don't have a PC, but I've been following your progress and watching YouTube streams. (Apologies for the long post!) A few questions:

1. Currently, my VR experience is in PSVR. I eventually will upgrade from PSVR, and I'm trying to decide between a) buying a gaming pc and PCVR rig b) upgrading to PS5 and eventually getting the new PSVR2. In some ways, PC offers more options. For your game, I wondered what the differences between the PC and PSVR2 version might be? I'm guessing PC will allow more "customization." I'm certain emulators for the arcade/gameboy won't be an option on PSVR2. But, will there be a way to use your own music on the radio? I'm guessing not. 

2. As I watch on YouTube, I really dig the dark atmosphere. And, dark makes sense when investigating a crime scene, etc. But, I keep thinking that when I'm someday in "my" own apartment, it might be nice to have more light. To see posters I might win at the arcade or the other items scattered about the apartment. Maybe a light switch? 

3. I may be weird, but I kept thinking it might be chill/interesting to walk from one location to another. I'm sure it is too "expensive" to make the whole block 303 walkable. But, maybe just between two or three locales, like from the club district to old tech town? 

I got to thinking about this watching a video and the streamer actually found a bug where he fell into the river and started walking up the river.While a glitch, it was actually nice to soak in the skyline from the ground at a slow pace.

 (FYI: here is the YouTube streamer (Mike) I watched https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGtKf51ofO3LiOZfYiiIdzA/videos -- the "falling into the river" video was 3 weeks ago. Just yesterday a new video also showed some glitches that allowed him to sneak outside the walkable areas /walk through walls to enter into unfinished spaces. Maybe these videos will help with bug fixes.)


A suggestion..: An easy addon to help with emersion. When patrol vehicle Docks, instead of just going dark, why not have the ship elevator down then fading to dark. I say this, because it kind of breaks the emersion fading on the rooftop and you magically apear in Rooms in location.

Yep, may happen eventually.

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Fixed centering issues with Steam VR?

Does this mean that when you load up new scenes like between being in the patrol car and on foot, you wont have to manually recenter your position to not be offset? I have this issue.. I'm always floating above the patrol car and can't access the controls..

Also, what does it mean that the ship HUD was sticking on halfway? Also curious about crypto mining like the guy below..

I just bought this but I can't find a faq or manual or any info on this game anywhere out there.. :( One downside of a non-steam EA, even though it helps your game in the longrun to release when finished on Steam, so props there, good business move..

But it leaves people that take part in the EA kind of in the dark with info and issues lol.


Wait.. have you tried the latest build and the auto centering isnt working? Because yes, you shouldnt have to reset every time you switch between areas. No floating.

The HUD thing was a bug, dont worry about it if you didnt see it. lol

Ya, I know its a pain. I mean, by the time the game is released, hopefully eveything will make sense in gamer and you dont have to worry about keeping up.

If you want to join our discord, message me at my name here at gmail dot com and Ill send you an invite. Its probably the best way to keep up with changes etc.

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Deleted my last post because this one makes it unnecessary.

Build 31 crashes on launch for me, but, I found out why..

It only crashes (for me at least, on this computer) when I launch the VR game without my valve knuckles (or I assume, whatever paired controller I use,) turned on.

If SteamVR is running and my knucks are on, the game boots without crashing.

Build 30 didn't seem to care, instead it'd boot up SteamVR, and just not run lol.. You'd put the headset on and it just wouldn't be working, you'd have an empty environment. However if you had SteamVR running and then ran Low-Fi, it'd boot, and you could turn your controllers on whenever to continue. Mentioned this in case it was of interest to you.

BTW, centering is much better. Close enough that there's no need for changing offset values, I can just scoot my chair/step over.


Oh.. and you'll be able to mine crypto currency in game as a secondary currency. Its not finished yet.

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These new games that incorporate blockchain are really cool. Glad you're finding a way to incorporate crypto in to Low-Fi.

I'll admit I have no idea how it works, but it sounds interesting.


What is the in-game crypto mining system?

You'll be able to mine crypto currency in game as a secondary currency. It's only half finished right now.

Just to be clear, is this just a gameplay mechanic or did you start your own actual crypto which you happen to be able to mine in game?


Just an in game mechanic. 

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I think I found the terminal for crypto in chinatown. Right at the entrance, is that it? If so it's yet another thing that cant be interacted with on the redesigned WMR motion controllers.

Its not in the game yet. Next build