v0.37 - Centered

v0.37 06/09/2021 - Centered

- Centering fix for Steam users

     - Forced re-center on scene load

     - Re-center button wrist

     - Auto re-center when loaded outside of cruiser

- Re-center fix for wastelands

- Small updates to New Kowloon

- User Interface updated for wrist mounted device

- Fixed Capsule apartment 4 camera issue

v0.36 06/06/2021 - Movie Night

- New random movies screening (per day)

      - Red String of Fate (2021)

      - Gamera vs. Viras AKA "Destroy All Planets" (1968)

      - Nosferatu (1922)

      - Radar Men from the Moon (1952)

      - The Phantom Planet (1961)

      - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)

      - Night of the Living Dead (1968)

- Wrist mounted device working in non-VR mode (Tab Key)

- Centering working properly on SteamVR Platforms

- Added Wastelands to AutoNav

- AutoNav UI tweaks

- Added some exploding canisters.

- Video treats added to Police Station, Azrail Hotel and Capsule Apartment 04

Run "LOW-FI Non-VR.bat" for Non-VR version

"LOW-FI.txt" for general development information/instructions and "changelog.txt" for change log history

More information in install folder files "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx" for emulator information.

For Custom radio station add your own music to c:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\IRIS VR\LOW-FI\


low-fi-dev_build.zip 13 GB
Version 37 Jun 09, 2021


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