v0.39 Techovikings and morticians

- Fixed apartment 4 camera issue

- New Cruiser UI

- Revamped tracking selection screen

- More shootables 

- Added flies throughout the world

- Prototype Technoviking arcade game added to Arcade

- Fixed Apartment customization

- Theater movies loop after 7th day

- Updated Cruiser Skins

- Working credits on main menu

- Fixed radio volume in cruiser

- Run/walk toggle added to inner wrist

- Killable / lootable androids (all models)

- Savegame UI update (Slots with overwrites)

- Cruiser buttons now clickable while in motion (non-VR)

- New digital actor (beta) Kara the mortician added to HQ

- Random NPC setups in HUB areas per day

- Audio reactive mouths for androids and robots

- Fixed offset of hand on right Oculus Touch controller

- NPC Dialogue is now initiated with button press

- Non-VR UI updated to standard FPS controls

Run "LOW-FI Non-VR.bat" for Non-VR version

"LOW-FI.txt" for general development information/instructions and "changelog.txt" for change log history

More information in install folder files "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx" for emulator information.

For Custom radio station add your own music to c:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\IRIS VR\LOW-FI\


low-fi-dev_build.zip 14 GB
Version 39 Aug 15, 2021


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Been enjoying the beta releases so far, but I am curious if there is any form of estimate as to when this game will have an official release date? I'm excited to play the finished product!

I've given up on estimate as life keeps throwing new problems in the way. It will definitely be in 2022 at this point though unfortunately. Glad you're enjoying the beta either way :)

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So I figured out the answer to my other question, but now I have another one. Is the Predecessor quest broken or am I just missing something? It doesn't seem to start anymore. Also the tape with the mysterious song at the PD appears to be broken as well.

The quests just arent in the game yet. Sorry for the confusion. The tapes are just temporary until we get the dialogue recorded for them.

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Ok. I thought that might've been the case. Just wanted to be sure. Thanks for the answer.

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hi there i dont know if any one can help low fi wont load to my headset any more the logo appears but will not boot but dose show that the flat screen is working it used to work. I maybe moved the file to a different drive from c: to f: I did not see this would cause me a problem and I have no spare space on my c: drive now.  Please someone help many thanks. Ive uninstalled itch and moved it to my f drive and uninstalled low-fi and re installed same problem I have a rifts s. I have got it working thanks to Deckrunner open your low-fi folder and use exe file to load. 

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Ok, I need some help and I can't find the answer anywhere. How exactly do I progress to the next day? I've been to the apartment, but didn't see an option to sleep or anything like that. Am I just missing something?

I don't think thats an option yet. Been wondering the same.


I actually figured it out. It runs on real time.

Whenever I launch this, I see a loading screen for Low-Fi on my Valve Index, and then, it crashes and returns to the Steam Home.

Any idea how I can get this working?

I had this same issue on my vive. Try shutting down steam, then opening Low Fi. SteamVR still starts when steam has been stopped.


Really looking forward to where you take this game. A lot of great things so far. I see this as being a huge hit in the VR community - Credit to Beardo Benjo for sharing this game and suggesting we check it out. He has 3 different vids on it.

Glad you found us! (Thanks Beardo ;)

Hope not to disappoint.

Please try music from BURG!

... he is awesome for this game!

BURG - Slow Collider ( first AKAI force jam ) - YouTube

thank me later...

Greetings from Berlin by Cetian ( ^^)

Dope. I have a new YouTube channel to subscribe to.

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What user added music formats are supported? I tried lossless flac files, but these seem to be ignored. Thanks!

Edit: it seems that mp3 files work as long as they are not inside subfolders. Cheers

Sorry I never got back to you on this. Glad you got it.
I think maybe ogg and flc are also supported?

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I'm not sure I've got any music in .flc format, but I did test loose .ogg and .flac files (not in subdirectories) and neither played. Only .mp3 so far.


Hello when i boot up the game in steam vr my controllers are stuck to the floor and it does not work it does work with oculus but steam vr which is what i want to use play with thank you and could you please help cheers


go to the low-fi folder and press the exe file dont use the steam go with the one set in with the exe file ~

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Hey Anticleric, regarding the "Modified OpenVR DLL with AMD FidelityFX SuperResolution Upscaler" I mentioned before, for the plugins folder I replaced openvr_api.dll and added openvr_mod (downloaded https://github.com/fholger/openvr_fsr/releases/tag/fsr_v1.1), and then in openvr_mod.cfg I set renderscale to 0.50 and went from 20fps in the diner area up to 60fps (using an rtx 2080, Ryzen 5600X @ 4.6Ghz). I think this could potentially be a neat feature to add for settings to massively improve performance for those who complain. I like the simplicity of this openvr_mod.cfg file, as this can be changed very easily, and used with many other games as well. Just thought I'd share in case it was useful for anyone else.

I think if I set balanced then the game will look much better with improved performance. Still testing different settings in the openvr_mod.cfg.

Edit: I realized by activating Synchronous Spacewarp (SSW) in Virtual Desktop + using the above mod (I set renderscale to balanced instead) = basically gameplay that feels like solid 90fps the entire time. I'm enjoying the game even more than before because I don't get sick anymore from low framerates.


Having a look at this ourselves. Thanks for doing the testing :)

Do you have access to our discord by the way?


Awesome, I hope it helps, and could possibly be integrated into game settings. I haven't been added to the discord yet, but I'm definitely interested.


hi there just letting you are comeing a long fine the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy, to near the mark just wow, and ty

Ha. Glad someone noticed and it made them happy.


ty for both replys , im right in there ,right music you can get lost in there.

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This was a cool update. I noticed that now you can push/nudge the robots (unless I somehow didn't notice before). Things are really coming together, and I can't help but gaze in awe in many locations. I also noticed one bug where if I try to travel to the club area (using the fast travel menu) then I get stuck and can't move anywhere. This is with the Quest 2 wirelessly with Virtual Desktop.

I was also curious of your thoughts on somehow implementing this patch, as I've seen youtube videos of people doubling their performance with little visual impact (if any) with some games (works with Nvidia or AMD).

Edit: I'll test this mod out with your game and let you know if it works or not.


youve mislabelled this 0.38 again, instead of 0.39

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Deleted 1 year ago

I'm loving the new update! The world is really starting to come alive.

The one issue I've found though is after playing for a bit (10-20 minutes) and try to save the game everything goes black. I can still move around and hear stuff getting further away but I cant see anything. The game also does not save at that time. 

I do have one question. Are you planing at any point to add support for bHaptics?  


I am having an issue with the gun. It only fires once then wont fire. Shows I have ammo though. If I put the gun away and take it back out it goes from 14 to 0 on the remaining shells.

Thank you for another update.

Hmm. Thanks for the report. Not sure what that is.
Looking into it.