v0.41 Holiday Prep-patch

- Fixed capsule customization

- Fixed main menu not working in non-VR mode

- Holiday season decorations and music

Run "LOW-FI Non-VR.bat" for Non-VR version Please run the LOW-FI.exe file directly (rather than through the itch launcher) for the VR version.

"LOW-FI.txt" for general development information/instructions and "changelog.txt" for change log history

More information in install folder files "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx" for emulator information.

For Custom radio station add your own music to c:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\IRIS VR\LOW-FI\


low-fi-dev_build.zip 13 GB
Version 41 Nov 21, 2021


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The world you created is beautiful, no doubt about that. A bit like Aircar, but with much more to see and explore. Although we now have the mortician's helper and the lady in the bar (and maybe some others?), human characters are still sorely lacking in functionality. It is a very nice beta game, but nowhere ready to put in Production. I gather that will take quite some time more. (unless you're going for a post apocalyptic world where the cop is one of the only humans around....) And PLEASE do something about the robot voices. They make my ears bleed!

Playing it on a Quest 1 via Link with practically no issues, so kudo's there too. Maybe create a couple of Youtube tutorials on how to maneuver your police car, how to (re)load your gun and some of the things you can do in the virtual world... 

Bought this a while ago with the promise that it will turn into a fully fledged game late last year. What is the progress and when will this be happening?.

Any progress? I feel like we haven't had a real build since V40. When can we expect a new build? Thanks and keep it up. Love this game.

Been slowed down again. School closures and whatnot. Will have a more substantial build asap.


hello, i am trying the game out but i am having issues and could use some help. my vr headsets are currently in storage so i have to use mouse/keyboard. i read the readme in the game folder but the vehicle controls do not work at all. the keyboard does nothing while in the vehicle. i am using the non-vr.bat, no idea what i am doing wrong, thanks

Thanks. This is a known issue. We'll be pushing an update shortly to address it and also add controller support. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

ah ok, thank you

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any news on a small patch to make the game playable for non vr players? its been awhile and i still cant progress beyond the police station. i cant trigger the end of the tutorial missions because i cant finish the ending dialogue with deputy or the info assistant in your office. i can only select >leave in their last bit of dialogue

Yep. This weekend at the latest. Sorry for the issues. Should all be sorted.


awesome, thanks!

i bought the game in hopes that i could play the vr version, but all its saying is please wait in my oculus headset. like it wants to play through steam, but wont. then after a minute, it just plays regular on my monitor.

I hoped there would be a STEAM EA this year before X-mas. Steam makes handling of updates and other stuff easier for many people. And with EA you would get additional money to complete this project. If there was a STEAM EA I already had paid for this marvel a long time ago.. :-)


Steam takes 30%, is more difficult to update from my end, and releasing early access there means that launch day doesnt get as much attention, losing sales because the store algorithms wont pick you up.

Downloading from itch means more money directly to the developer, updates are very easy (works the same as steam for you if you use the app), and you get a Steam key at release.  win win win


Thanks for the feedback. I was no longer aware that Steam requires 30%. Had hoped that they would stop that after competitors like Epic and GOG demanded far less.

I didn't know that with the update. It always seemed to me that this is even a little easier, since Steam offers the infrastructure etc.

Also that you still get a Steam Key despite everything is fair and was not known to me.

So an old gamer and IT admin can still learn something new in the old year. :-)

I hope my mail about the IRISVR page regarding the Warez page has arrived and helps something.

It would be nice if you could report these idiots here or in general with the stolen software.

Many greetings from Germany, Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and stay healthy.

Andreas E.

i need your help

Ok, so i bought Low-Fi, and when i launch it from virtual desktop through my oculus quest 2 my steam pops up as if it is loading the game, but only gives me the "please wait" error, while the actual game is playing on my PC. can you guide me through how to fix this?

I mean, virtual desktop isnt officially supported. I don't use it myself, so I can't tell what's wrong there. Many others play the game through it, so it's possible. The only thing I can think of is to load up the oculus software before running the game if youre playing on quest.. or close it completely if youre running through steam. If both are running, I dont think the game can tell what headset you're using.

ok, ill definitely try it. Any idea when the official release date is for steam? So would recommend Air Link?

Hey there. When I start the game (steamVR, PC, Valve-Index) it doesn't show up in VR, although I get sound. When I look onto my PC monitor (in non-VR) I can see the game, but it's just the inside of the initial space ship and when I move my mouse over it, it rotates like crazy. Tried 2 times already, it's always the same. Any idea? :/

Nor sure what's going on with non-VR there, maybe your mouse sensitivity is really high? For the Index, all you should need to do is make sure that Steam VR is running, then run the LOW-FI.exe. Make sure that Oculus Software isn't running. Should run without a hitch.

im having the same issue. not sure what im doing wrong.

did you figure this issue out? Im having the same  problem

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Hey, I know this is a bit old, and probably a dumb question, but GOD HOW DO I OPEN THE INVENTORY HELP

nope nvm got it

lol. Glad you figured it out.

Hi hub vision is automaticaly turning on . Wrist does not allowed to turn it of. 

How do we download latest version ? because graphic are kind of lame

Games looks just fantastic but i cannot play it correctly with hub red vision . Anybody can help please ? its very frustrating


Hi Bob. What headset are you playing with? Try pointing your index finger and (holding down just the grip button) and tapping your head. Like cyclops shooting a laser.


I think I have the same problem. Everything has this red hue (on Oculus Quest 2), and looks pretty hideous. Been tapping my head like crazy, but nothing is happening. Any ideas? 

I am having the same issue with Quest 2 + Virtual Desktop. Tried the above solution with no luck so far.

anyone know when this is supposed to release on steam?

Is there a way to get an invite to discord? I purchased the game from itch.io

Hey, Yes for sure. Thanks for the support :)
Email me at my name here at gmail dot com and I'll send you an invite.


Great game but i'm waiting the french subtile or traduce and the complet game With lot of possibility and pnj we want thé Best of cyberpunk game VR of the world !! Thank you for that !! ❤️ 


Can a player go around and solve crimes at this point in time? Last time i tried the game it felt not alive - kinda like an empty world waiting for people to show up.

Will the game also be $35 for its official release on steam?

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Loving the Christmas decor. For some reason the x-ray vision mode immediately enables when the game starts (where you see through walls and colors are grayed a bit). Using a Quest 2 with virtual desktop. How can I disable and re-enable it? It used to be you would raise your hands to your head to enable that mode.

I believe it is on your wrist now. One of the buttons. This confused me also at first.

Thanks, although for some reason it auto activates without me doing anything. Can't seem to turn it off.

I don't understand where to download the various patches....

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Easiest way is to go to the Low-Fi main page and re-download. It will download the newest version.