v0.42 Love, Control and Comics

- Full non-VR support for keyboard and mouse and controllers

- Valentines decorations and collectables

- Added collectable comic books

- Updated Walk/Sprint speeds for non-VR mode

- Dual Sense support added

- Fixed various unresponsive controls in non-VR mode (cruiser UI and slot machines)

- Added various collectable and purchasable cockpit decorations

- Fixed null error after using autonav from capsule apartment

- Added city autonav waypoint

- Added ability to fast travel from cruiser cockpit 

- Various non critical NPC conversations added

- Updated Diner to have random per day events.

- Added Docks to Diner 

Run "LOW-FI Non-VR.bat" for Non-VR version Please run the LOW-FI.exe file directly (rather than through the itch launcher) for the VR version.

"LOW-FI.txt" for general development information/instructions and "changelog.txt" for change log history

More information in install folder files "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx" for emulator information.

For Custom radio station add your own music to c:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\IRIS VR\LOW-FI\


low-fi-dev_build.zip 13 GB
Version 42 Feb 07, 2022


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I like how the Diner is coming along, although fps is still the lowest there overall. The waitress' voice is decent compared to others that have a very synthesized, screechy/chalkboard effect type of voice. Once again I respect the dev's vision, but it's something that does stand out (a bit jarring at times). It doesn't sully the experience too much, as I'm always gawking at the visuals.

I also like that there's a fast travel button now in the cruiser. I'm noticing the little extra tidbits of conversation that is acting as a placeholder for later updates. Definitely looking forward to dialog options later down the road and maybe more actual humans mixed in with the robots. I'm sure it's all a delicate balance with keeping fps decent.

Speaking of which, I recommend this patch for anyone severely suffering from low fps, but still want good visuals (just set the config file to balanced, quality or performance).



Has activating settings from the glove always been so frustrating? The settings window keeps moving when you turn your head to look at it. It makes it difficult just to adjust something. Loving the Nav from ship option. Good stuff.


We're going to tweak all the AR settings for VR. You can grab and move the HUD with the grip buttons for now.

ty she at home waiting, longday ?


Sweet! Downloading now. Will check it out tonight.


thanks for the update. nice to see some activity again


well come back long wait, will down load and get in to it later on. and see what you done and changed again ty for all you done ?  decker ~s