v0.45 Doing Donuts

- Added Cruiser storage (trunk)

- Added Le Circus Racetrack (via wastelands)

- Added basement to Quinn's Arcade

- Added Random crimescene spawns

- Added 64 collectable spring festival eggs

- Added Random Donut Vending Machine with 14 flavors

- Added physical drops to vending machines

- Vending machines are now shootable

- Drone only appears in scenes when owned by player

- Z-Ex delivery clunkers now drop packages

- Delivery Drones now drop proper loot

- Jukebox radio station

- Backend updates on missions and contracts

- Added multiple crime scenes (triggers yet to be implemented)

- Improved ambient audio in multiple areas

- Improved multiple neon signs

- Added new drum and bass tracks

- Serialized (persistent) radios

- Controller now working on autonav menu

- Saved 4gb total file size trimming textures 

Run "LOW-FI Non-VR.bat" for Non-VR version Please run the LOW-FI.exe file directly (rather than through the itch launcher) for the VR version.

"LOW-FI.txt" for general development information/instructions and "changelog.txt" for change log history

For Emulation information open "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx".

For Custom radio station add your own music to c:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\IRIS VR\LOW-FI\


low-fi-dev_build.zip 14 GB
Version 45 Apr 11, 2022


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 can I add my own movie to the theater?

Unfortunately not yet. The files need to be transcoded inside Unity to work. Maybe down the line though. Currently not a priority.


Still finding my way around the controls. I am very happy because I made the mistake of buying a Rift S. This is the first VR game that I have bought where everything so far is working right. 

I don't like this film grain idea. I was glad to find the setting to switch it off.

Otherwise the game looks gorgeous. 

But so far I'm experiencing Blade Runner. Even the psychiatric evaluation room has the moody ceiling fan spinning and casting shadows, the same as the Voight Kampff test room just after the movie opening credits. 

Filmgrain is cyberpunk, make the fog more dense,look some 80's film 


Yes I get that Yori. But inside buildings I want to see clear detail. Not a cinematic effect. But I can see that this, as a game is going to be an all time great. 

Hi, I do have a problem with the HUD, Whenever i leave the cruiser the HUD just keep showing up! and there is no way to turn it off anywhere else than in the ship! PLEASE HELP ME!!!


Hold down the grip on your controller and point your index finger at your temple to toggle the HUD off and on :)

Ohhhhh, understood thanks!!!

Hey, I'm enjoying my time with the game so far but I'm struggling to find a way to disable the orange crosshair on screen. Is there a way to widen the spectator FOV or remove the crossair?

Any recording tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much for your continued support on the game :)

Bro, as long as you play it in vr there shouldnt be any crosshair, LOL

Don't know what to tell you then, there is a permanent orange crosshair on my monitor, I can't see it in VR but it's always on-screen.

I have the same issue. When I record though it is just a dot in the recording. Annoying but not as bad as what's on the screen. 


Hi there, great work  plus it would be good to advertise again and hopefully new players new funds just saying ok.  i like what your doing, keep on keeping on ~s 

What do you mean advertise again?


A reminder that there a game going on here take notice ?bring more pll to the game ,that all .


Hi,a question,low-fi is fully playable with a mouse and a keyboard? thanks


Yes it is. :) Only in the Non-VR mode though. 


ok thank you

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What would you estimate the final file size’ll be …? I ask ‘cause my crappy laptop’s already kinda/sorta full, and I’m DEFINATELY gonna make room for “Low-Fi” on it! lol Thank you! 8^ ]


Hopefully not more than 40gb. lol

Sorry it's so big. 


No no, don’t be sorry: size DOES matter! Oof …. lol Anyhoo, foty gigs of cyberpunky goodness is a – uh, good thing. 🙂👍🏻


Looks beautiful!  Does the game have any mission/quest content yet?


A small amount in that build. There are big hints at what's to come with some of the NPCs though.


looks amazing though I'm having trouble racing, spawns me outside (above) the car and disables controller tracking, holding the grip buttons to re-centre doesn't work. got out of the car by using keyboard inputs which then spawns me back to Le Circus without any tracking on the hands, have to shutdown and exit the game from PC. I'm using a Quest 2 with cable link.


Thanks for the report. Will have a look. Hopefully get it sorted for the next update.

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Same issue here on the rift s. Everything else looks awesome!!


Very nice update! You really start to feel the systems for the story content coming in. One small thing I noticed is that at the race track you can fall through the ground. Exiting the vehicle, it’s a spot not far away on the right.

btw it plays great on Linux via Proton on the Index!


Wow really? lol. Thanks good to know. I think you're the first to report working on Linux.


let me know if you want anything specific tested on linux!

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No, I bought it very early and also reported Linux compatibility shortly after :) (hm, maybe I only did on the Steam community page. sorry, if so :))


Thanks for your continual work on this game.


Wow! I wished Valve fixing their VR Linux drivers would be as fast as you with their updates :)

Thanks a lot for the update again!

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Hey frostwork, have you been able to get the movies in the theater to play? I'm still stuck with that, tried several proton's and the mfplat stuff but couldn't do it.


Hi Patola, tbh I did not even try. Haven't touched VR for months generally, because of the messed up linux drivers.

I love the atmosphere of Low-Fi, and therefore give positive feedback on updates.

np, always a pleasure to answer your questions, Patola