​V0.014 Lock-down amusement

V0.014 - 04/07/2020 

- Kerser Arcade minigame
- Invaders Arcade minigame
- Fixed falling through floors on frame drops
- Fixed broken Holodexxx alley scene.
- Menu floor height fix
- Lots of minor background fixes
- Backend work on Robot interactions and watcher behaviors


low-fi-dev_build.zip 12 GB
Version 14 Apr 08, 2020


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how do you turn on or enable hotas? Is there a way to access menus in game

HOTAS are on all the time I believe.  
To bring up a menu in game, touch your HMD with a controller, then click the gear icon. Theres nothing about hotas in the menus currently though. Will come eventually


This is incredible, glad to have backed it and cant wait to see how it progresses. This is definitely going to be occupying a lot of my VR time, if HOTAS support gets added down the road that would just be icing on the cake


HOTAS support is already in! Just dont have a way to remap keys currently. It may have to be done outside of the game.


awesome, I’ll have to have mess around and see if i can rig it up on vJoy or something

is this the last pre-release beta build? or will there be more over time?

There will be many more over time. There's another one coming next week. :)


Hi, purchased today, also looking for the Discord, which is the email address I should send to?

Just drop me an email to my name  here at gmail :)

Hi, did you get my email? Sent it to your name here, at gmail dot com :)

Sorry. Was in spam. Got you now.

Tried reaching out after a purchase via Twitter, but no reply. Preferably, I should have tried to reach out here. Been following the game for awhile, missed the Kickstarter - is there anyway I can get a discord invite for follow ups and feedback?

Sure, sorry, must have missed it. Send me an email to my name here at gmail. Ill hook you up.


I purchased this morning. I am VERY interested in this project.  I am an artist/musician/photographer and would like to contribute..  Trying to find access to your discord if I can?  Based in NY.

Hey Tag. Drop me an email, my name at gmail and I'll send you a discord invite.

Question: if I support the game here and buy the early build, will I get also a early access key later for steam (if early access launch on steam) 

Yes, 100%


Thanks :-) Just bought it.

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Any plans to structure the game so there is no loading when moving from your vehicle to foot? Maybe a fade to black transition instead Or perhaps an covering animation? Is this a technical limitation due to ram usage? Regardless, the fact someone is a attempting to create a game like this has made me very happy.

I am happy to say I backed this! I am hoping you are going to enable GBA in the Emulator as well others. Can't wait to see what comes next!

Thanks :)
The GBA emulator is enabled. The instructions are in the install folder ;)

Do I have to download a new version? The docx file still says it only supports gb, gbc, and sgb.

Oops. Ya.. my bad. No GBA. Sorry, it was late and I read that wrong. Eventually though! Sorry for the confusion.


That's alright. I can't wait to see what comes next!


You know, here's the thing.  I always found the face masks on the NPCs jarring.  Now, they seem prescient and are actually going to add to the immersion.  Real world parallels FTW?

Is there a discussion platform somewhere? I don't wanna re-reports things that are already on the bugfix list. Oculus Touch controls are off. Also, I don't understand how Seated and Standing work, quite confusing. 


There's a Discord server, but it only seems to be open to Kickstarter donors. The dev might give you a key if you email, though

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Really looking forward to the future of this game and where the dev takes it. Really like the art style and overall aesthetic. That being said, I am having an issue playing the game past docking at the police station. It seems the game won't load past that and eventually crashes. Has anyone else experienced this and have some tips to get it working?


Hello!! Congratulations!! I would like to report that currently on HTC vive you can t talk with jade and the buy / sell menu on her workshop does not apear. Also  once you enter her shop you cant also leave and go outside  any more. Also on HTC vive i cant get any in game menu to scan objects points of interest or game options or anything like that ... I mean each time i want to change an option i have to quit game and restart. Thank you and this was the best vr experience i had until now!!! Will you release a phisicall version? I wish you all the best with this tremendous vr development!!!

Is there missions and stuff to do in the game yet?

I have been following this game for a long time...is there a release date?  It's been 42 days since there was a website update, that makes me a little worried for the future of the game.  I want to go ahead and buy it and play around in the dev build, but is it still moving forward?


From post history it looks like he cycles updates around every month to 2 months. It is projected for late 2020.

Thanks.  I'll probably buy it then!

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Is there a discord server I can join? 

It was originally announced on Kickstarter for the $45 CAD tier. I emailed the developer and i'll let y'all know what he says about getting an invite after purchasing from here.

If I use "buy now" will I get access to the discord server as well? 


I bought it and didn't even realize there was a discord server until now. I'd contact the dev directly to see if you can get a key.


After emailing the Developer he gave me a link to the discord. If you  shoot him an email he should respond in a few days.


The game is fantastic, I only just took a break because of dead controllers. My 1070 is definitely struggling whenever the full city is near though, are there plans for more graphics options/performance updates? I'm still in denial about needing a GPU upgrade.

Also, a discord server or something might be a good idea, it sucks that this game doesn't have more of a following. I only stumbled upon it by chance, which really is a shame.


Great game can’t wait for more content.I played boneworks which had some amazing physics and puzzles.  I didn’t like that combat was required though.  And enjoy immersing myself in games with themes, mystery and adventure!  I’m wondering if Low-Fi will be open world server.  With role playing elements?  Like certain maps with multiple players whom could interact!   

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