V0.026 It's Alive!

V0.026 - It's Alive!
- Revamped AR UI systems.
- New location "Theater". With a full length film
- Temp dialogue for theater attendant
- Temp dialogue Jade in New Kowloon
- Temp dialog for Evidence locker attendant
- Temp dialog for Juan in Old Tech Town
- Temp dialog for Ruth in the Azrail hotel
- Various vending machines in testing
- Loot system in testing
- Store inventories populated with temp merchandise (most items not linked to actual upgrades).
- Ammunition system (get ammo from quartermaster)
- Flashlights moved to Utility Gloves from Loadout menu
- Added some Halloween decorations to a few places

Known issue: All utility glove tools turning themselves on.

More information in install folder files "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx" for emulator information.

For Custom radio station add your own music to c:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\IRIS VR/LOW-FI\

"LOW-FI.txt" for general development information and "changelog.txt" for change log history


low-fi-dev_build.zip 12 GB
Version 26 Oct 20, 2020


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Love what you're doing here, its awesome!, you have cool hover cars and regular street motorcycles, will you be adding some sort of Jet Bikes like in the 2005 movie, "The Island", the zapata flyboard exists out there in the real world, i think the military is working with that to make a hoverbike ( 2 jets in the front and 2 jets in the back), probably most likely flying drones with guns strapped to the side out of the movie " Oblivion", but if it can carry a 200 lbs man it can probably carry a lot of things, but the bike the military made a concept cgi video of will most likely at some point exist. The technology for Police "Minority Report" jet packs is out there too ( a person would need to be physically fit or would need some sort of partial exoskeleton suit to control it ) but who knows if it's something that only exists in an alternative retro future film. anyway, love the world you're creating here in VR, as soon as i saw a youtube video of Low-Fi, i had to buy an Oculus Quest 2 and an Alienware R11 RXT 3080 this Christmas and this game kicks ass!   


I'm loving it!!!! Keep it coming!!!

downloaded the snes emulator, don't see a dll any where in it...

Very creative,artistic and fully innovative interactive futuristic detective noir.Paying tribute to some of he most memorable sci fi movies from every era. Technolust is still remarkable and look forward to the complete finished work in this project. Praise Jesus !


This game is amazing.  I have been playing VR since it became available 7 or 8 years ago, and this game marks the first time that I have just spent time in VR and it was fun, relaxing, and constantly sparked my curiosity.  I love everything about this game, and fully support your team and your development efforts.  I love the open world, the flight characteristics, the music, the atmosphere, everything about it is a breath of fresh air.  The things you rethought when it comes to gameplay, they work well.  This feels like a game made by true gamers for everyone.  I can only imagine where this game is going to go and I hope all of your funding is solidified to allow you and your team to reach your goals because this game will blow people away.  All the best.

Who needs cyberjunk when you got something designed from bottom to top totally for vr.

I emailed you for a discord invite, please send one jmacchi@nycap.rr.com

Went to spam because the subject is "New Message" :P

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I plugged in my old Rift and now it worked. It's disappointing that all devices that run steam VR are advertised to run the game on it, but in reality only part of it does. especially considering the $35 entry price for an alpha version, it's quite a downer. 

I particularly liked the flight. The controls were simple and intuitive. That alone would be a cool game. I played the old kickstarter demo a year ago and somehow don't see a big development step.  
You can't really say much about the world, because you're in the dark all the time. The interactions with the NPCs so far have not left a lasting impression. The little minigames are quite nice, but I don't get a feeling for the gameplay at all. The performance was really very, very bad in parts. Especially in the outdoor areas, it was very jerky.  I'm sorry if that was a lot of negative points. I am aware that game development takes a lot of work and effort, but I personally expected much more after over a year of development. Good Luck!


Just wanted to comment again that after the recent Quest 2 update, I set 90Hz mode and high quality via Oculus Link and I was completely blown away by the visuals. I found myself in complete awe walking around New Kowloon and the Club District. Recently upgraded to Ryzen 5600x (with rtx 2080), which also made visuals buttery smooth. I also stumbled across the in game theater that was playing a full length Night of the Living Dead. Really awesome stuff! Thanks so much for all the hard work and extra content to explore. I want the finished product of this game more than I wanted Cyberpunk 2077.

Thanks for all the kind words :) Helps with the motivation!

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This game is totally what i've been searching for since i play VR games! Amazing atmosphere! Love the way i almost forget that i am in a virtual universe while i play Gameboy in my room! You make me realised that in some way, i don't necessarily want to PLAY in VR... i want to LIVE in VR. The only thing that bother me for now is the very VERY long loading time between locations... My PC is an old pimped Dell Studio XPS with a HDD, which is not helping... But i play Half-Life Alyx with good performances and decent loading time so, i hope this is a normal issue at this stage of development and that it will be improved. Keep on the good (amazing) work! Can't wait for the next release! I'm pretty sure that your project have the potential to set a new milestone in video game history!

Hello ,

having bought the game on friday huge problems this manifested, unplayable, could you get a refund please. The game in development looks really interesting but not in the current state for me.

You do realize that all these releases are pre release beta demos? The finalised game wont be released for a while yet

Yes i know

Low-Fi one of my favorites. Looking forward to more enhanced adventures in future. 

A suggestions, It's hard to understand the Police Robots in Police Station. Example, the Window to pick up weapon. I get the Nostalgic synthesized voice, but if you can't understand it, defeats purpose. Remove synthetic part by 1/3 or 1/2.





Just got this and loving it, can't wait for a playable story, already spent hours just cruising. Max's out my GPU most places @ 90hz and very bad/lagging in the dinner. Compared to Half Life or Pavlov, this still needs a lot of fps improvement.

HP Z620 Workstation with 512GB SSD and 32GB RAM

Nvidia RTX 2070 Super O/C 

Valve Index & Knuckles

Hi there! Out of curiosity, how are the controls looking with the Valve Index & Knuckles? Especially regarding hand positioning, animation, and fingers? It's such an immersion breaker when VR games don't take advantage of the controllers.

I'm thinking of buying these early builds to help & support, but first, need a new PC build. I've got the Index and my PC is getting too old for most demanding games.

I'm using a Rift S with a GTX 1060, i7-8700, 16gb ram pc and the game is really laggy. Is that just me or is the game not optimized well enough yet? (My graphics settings are all down too)

At the begining i thought its maybe slow motion or something. XD


Where have all the graphical options gone to? Under the tab at the front end all I find is AA options now...how do I turn off the film grain and all that now?


Hi. I'm having the same question ..

Any way to configure grphics options a bit further?


I cant play this game. My controllers are always in the ground. I cant do anything there.


What headset are you using? Try running just the software that you need before launching the game. Oculus Home, or Steam VR depending on your setup. 

I have a HTC Vive Pro. I tried it today - but the controllers are still stuck in the ground and i cant go further. It see my "hands" laying on the ground. A chance to try maybe the previous version? Otherwise i would ask for an refund. : / 

Hi! I'm wondering if there could be an option eventually to reconfigure the angle the gun is at relative to the controller. Currently on WMR you have to hold it at a rather uncomfortable angle to aim. Thanks!

I'll look into it.  Thanks
Which WMR headset are you using?


I'm using a Samsung odyssey +. Thanks for the quick response and I love what you're doing here! :)

I find the same thing on Rift S. The hand Gun is tilted Up slightly, and not aligned as it should be, and is in every other game I have.

Where do screenshots from the in-game camera end up?

Nowhere yet. Working on it. They'll appear in a folder as well as be browsable in the game eventually.

Hi, is there anywhere I can give feedback or are these comments the only place I can talk to the devs?

Yes. We have a discord. If you wish, send an email to me at my name here at gmail and I'll send an invite :)

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