V0.029 - Seatbacks and trays upright

V0.029 01/11/2021 - Seatbacks and trays upright

- Remastered overworld audio
- Fixed onboard cruiser radio
- New sounds for all vehicles
- Fixed flashing "Dock" button
- Security turrets track player
- Fixed hole in movie theater

More information in install folder files "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx" for emulator information.

For Custom radio station add your own music to c:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\IRIS VR/LOW-FI\

"LOW-FI.txt" for general development information and "changelog.txt" for change log history


low-fi-dev_build.zip 12 GB
Version 29 Jan 11, 2021


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WTF happend. I was trying to show my friends how incredible this VR game is, and it's broken. Out of nowhere it shows visuals on my TV and audio on my Valve Index. I've restarted my PC, reinstalled this software and I think I'm done. 

I was wondering if you please can make that shake-warp-effect thing when firing a gun optional? I find it really disturbing, and basically makes it unplayable for me. Btw I can't stand screen shakes in regular pancake games as well.

I got this preview demo last summer, but haven't played it a lot yet. It looks great btw!

I am having an issue where this game in particular is causing my oculus to cut out during the the loading transition after the initial aircar autopilot segment

also I would like to be able to join the discord for this game, but does that mean I have to buy it again or is there a different way?

Hey. Sorry for the delay. Please send an email to my name here at gmail and Ill give you a discord invite :)

i would also like to join the discord

Hi, how do I get the custom radio station to work?

Add tracks to 
C:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local Low\IRIS VR/LOW-FI\
You should be able to pay them in game :)

ive installed in my d drive ive look for the said file but can find it ,it not on the c or the d drive? but i usely wack this on (2) Blade Runner Blues - Rain 8 Hours - YouTube and i get by lol 

No, that folder is on the C drive. You might need to go to your settings and "show hidden files and folders"


Hi anticleric ty i had found it ,the 1st song was low in my list, but your help made me go salt it out, it done  and ty, im waiting for the picture in the sky screen im sure that will let us no, the games finished ,when he puts a vid up on it. again ty for help .  

press buttons or in the car look up and press buttons there to ?


The new apartment not what i thought, but i like it ,waiting for a mission were i find rachel and then when i go home she all ways be there?? pls > my rachel,take time on her,and get her as right as one can,, the lighting a bit hit and miss, still but your working on it, the main lights? i liked seeing more cars in the air gives more life to it for sure, i put blade runner music and fly around, and he points with in the flying and music were it all most seem real,, still wont start the game as such as im trying to hold on, but it starting to pull me in to game, meaning i want to injoy this, and im  So so glad you taken this project up? my gun has no ammo,id like my joystick hat to move the craft up or down, the rest is fine, i can do it on the vr controls, but not the hat on the joystick ?stil hoping you will open other sectors as it allso give you more space to do other mission in and more for us to get into,as you can see i like what your doing, as it was in my minds eye , and then found out you were doing this game,i think i payed for game same night lol


How am I able to join the LOW-FI Discord?

The AI character in the hotel room is fantastic. Are you planning on doing more like that?

Hope to!


Just wondering roughly when we can expect the next update?
Also, do you have a discord channel that many of us fans can share experiences, report bugs etc?
If not, it would be a good idea. Many devs use it these days as it's the best and easiest way to communicate with stuff like that. :)
Could also share screenshots, ideas of what people would add to the game. Might give some creative insight? 
Anyway, thanks. Looking forward to the next update. All the best.

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I am having a couple issues with my Reverb G2.

1.)  I cannot seem to pick anything up.  The only thing I have been able to "hold" is my gun, but that is because you just move your hand into the gun space on your screen.

2.) My frame rate is very low, pretty sluggish running a GTX 3080.  

3.) Is there a way to recenter your headset.  I went to leave the police HQ today and the map was on the floor, I couldn't press any location and couldn't go back to main menu, I had to Alt-F4.

4.) Everytime you run the game do you have to start at very beginning, at HQ and run through the psyche evaluation and such?

5.)  Can you run in the game?  I walk very slow.

Hope there are some easy answers to things I am doing wrong, I think it has some great potential.

Using the g2 I use the openxr tools to lower the resolution to about 70 and turn on reprojection. Then it all seems more or less good. 2070super.

Thanks, I feel like it was running much smoother. an you grab things?  Can you run?  

I dont think that running is a feature that's been programmed yet. As far as grabbing things, I think that's a problem specific to the new HP motion controllers. I wish I knew what I was looking for in key bindings to fix it. I just dont know.

Thats good news, I am glad I am not doing anything wrong. could be a really fun game. 

not sure seeming it a vr if a sit down button can be added i press the sit or stand button at start up doznt seem to get it right, still early days. 

my reset is on the vr sticks b or a button if that helps.

I've put in a few hours with version 29, and I love the potential! (I'm an exploration geek, and not fond of killing.) Upon buying the game (via Itch) I didn't encounter details for Discord access. What do I need to do for that?

So, one bit of feedback for now: As of version 29, the game visually stays too dark for too long for me. Even in VR, I seem to need a fair amount of time in sunlight and/or brightly-lit rooms to mentally cope with things. Will the game eventually have day/night transitions so that I can spend time in daylight?

Thanks! -- Keith

Hello??? <tap><tap><tap> Is this thing on?

id say it was a night game going off the 1st film bladerunnner.


Having an issue with triggering the story mission regarding the dead Sheriff in the morgue. Yesterday I was able to search his body and retrieve the data he had on him. But when I got to the Evidence Room, I couldn't submit it, making no progress with the quest line here. 
Today I tried again, but this time I couldn't even search the dead body.
So I was wondering if this is genuinely bugged (as in everyone else gets this), or the quest line hasn't been done yet?
In any case, I'm absolutely loving the world you've created; even if I can't experience a storyline yet. I've never been so excited to watch an alpha build grow. I really hope you get the attention and funding it truly deserves.
This is has definite potential to be a masterpiece. Thank you. :)


Thanks :) glad you're excited. Unfortunately, that quest isn't done yet.


Thanks for letting me know. :)


Hello! Your game looks fantastic. I wonder if it would be possible for me to get a review copy? This might seem odd, but I want to run your game on Linux - and I think it will probably work. I am writing articles for boilingsteam - like this one: https://boilingsteam.com/the-state-of-virtual-reality-on-linux/ and I would love to have the priviledge of early review on Linux.



Sorry if I missed that. Can I pick a platform when the game goes live? Or do I have to buy it again for Steam? Thanks!

yes you can choose. :)


This game is gonna hit some top charts if marketed correctly, I know its still in beta, and a lot of the NPC's aren't even added yet, but still, I'm having a great time just roaming in the city and adding my own custom playlists. Also this is a perspective coming from a guy on a gtx 1650 (mobile), so if I can optimize it, anyone can. Keep up the great work guys!

if marketed correctly,? id say more advertisement, now and again wouldnt go a miss.

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Hello, I have installed Low-Fi, but I cannot start the game. I am stuck on the tracking selection page. My controller images are shown, but I cannot select anything. I am using the HP Reverb G2. There are no bindings for the HP motion controllers and the game is treating them as Oculus Touch, but I cannot select or interact with any items on this menu and cannot even start the game. Please help

You have to stick your controller into the text. It isnt a point and click thing oddly.


Thank you. I didn't even think to try that. It's certainly different than other VR games.

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Cant figure out how to grab objects using the new WMR controllers on the HP Reverb G2. It looks like the game treats them like the oculus touch controllers but the button layout is the same so I dont know what to change in the bindings.  


Also the SNES emulator seems to choose games at random, I cant select any specific one. I have like 60 games in there. Maybe that's too many?  Any way of re-mapping the SNES buttons would be appreciated.

Also the emulator now has some bad audio issues compared to two revisions ago.


Custom music works great. I wonder if it would be possible to use music aliases instead of a copy so I dont have to bloat my drive by having two music libraries. I think I saw a walkman somewhere. Will I be able to pick that up and take my music with me at some point?  


I'd love it if I could put my own content in the theater.

@Goooost, How were you able to get past the seated/standing screen? I cannot select or interact with anything using my Reverb G2.


You should just be able to poke the options with your finger. It's like a touch screen.

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Thank you for your quick response! I can't believe I didn't think to try that. It works. Thanks again. This game has so much potential!! You're doing great work!!


Which objects can't you grab? Not sure about the upper limit of the SNES emulator, the sound thing seems to come and go with unity versions.. not sure what we can do. Will look at remapping buttons.

Also definitely want to allow custom content for video.

Well there are certain objects, cans and such, that have a little circle indicator that makes me think they can be grabbed, but nothing actually does it. I can close my hand next to them, and the description of the gloves suggests remote grabbing should be a thing. But the only things I can interact with are the contextual menus.  

Yeah so the main problem with the emulator is just that no matter what file I choose, something else plays. Like I choose star fox, and it plays jack Nicklaus golf. I choose donkey kong, and it plays jack nicklaus golf. I choose mortal combat, and it plays jack Nicklaus golf.  I choose mario, it plays home improvement.


Is there a way to start Night Of Thd Living Dead playing in the cinema? I've seen it running on YouTube preview videos but I've yet to see it running when I visit the location? I thought it might be triggered by a dialogue branch with the receptionist but no joy.. What am I missing? 

Hey, we're looking into it. Appears to be a bug where its not playing for some users.


Happens to me too, mate.


Having issue where my right glove stops selecting choices. some times its both and I have to restart the game to correct this. Happened after the physic exam and couldn't leave the area. using Rift S on I9 9900k with asus maximus XI hero mb. Loving the progress on this. Thank you.

Thanks Mike. Looking into this. :)

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Correction on issue with glove. This happened at the Quarter master. Right glove stopped selecting in menu and hud. Left hand stopped working in firing range. I exited the game completely and they both worked until I went back to the quarter master. Right stopped working but left continued to work. Right glove worked again when in the AutoNav location. I have video of this if you would like to see it.


stupid question but just installed this for the first time a build ago. Do we just unpack the new build’s 8GB file in the same directory to update?


You can delete the old one.
To save yourself some time, if you install through the itch app, it will only update the changes instead of having to download the entire game every time.

Thanks! Amazing experience by the way. 

or Custom radio station add your own music to c:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\IRIS VR/LOW-FI\

Are we sure this is the correct path?


Oh.. good catch. I think its AppData\LocalLow\...


Yep that's  it! thanks.

"C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\IRIS VR\LOW-FI" is where my stuff lives too.  I tried to enter %APPDATA% but that jumps to ..\AppData\Roaming instead for me

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