v0.38 Centered Hotfix

v0.38 06/09/2021 - Centered Hotfix

- Fixed Steam centering during intro sequence

- Fixed Steam centering and "physical" controls

- Reworked apartment 4 and added a fly for good luck.

- Wrist device now has a home screen and button

v0.37 06/09/2021 - Centered

- Centering fix for Steam users

     - Forced re-center on scene load

     - Re-center button wrist

     - Auto re-center when loaded outside of cruiser

- Re-center fix for wastelands

- Small updates to New Kowloon

- User Interface updated for wrist mounted device

- Fixed Capsule apartment 4 camera issue

v0.36 06/06/2021 - Movie Night

- New random movies screening (per day)

      - Red String of Fate (2021)

      - Gamera vs. Viras AKA "Destroy All Planets" (1968)

      - Nosferatu (1922)

      - Radar Men from the Moon (1952)

      - The Phantom Planet (1961)

      - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)

      - Night of the Living Dead (1968)

- Wrist mounted device working in non-VR mode (Tab Key)

- Centering working properly on SteamVR Platforms

- Added Wastelands to AutoNav

- AutoNav UI tweaks

- Added some exploding canisters.

- Video treats added to Police Station, Azrail Hotel and Capsule Apartment 04

Run "LOW-FI Non-VR.bat" for Non-VR version

"LOW-FI.txt" for general development information/instructions and "changelog.txt" for change log history

More information in install folder files "LOW-FI Emulator Guide.docx" for emulator information.

For Custom radio station add your own music to c:\users\<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\IRIS VR\LOW-FI\

Status In development
Author Anticleric
Tags CyberpunkOpen WorldSandboxVirtual Reality (VR)

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Version 38 Jun 09, 2021


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Hi... returning to this after some time and a new PC. I have a Quest2 and attempting to use airlink. At the moment, the game seems to be hanging on a launch screen (cockpit, with airborne 'traffic lights' whizzing by). Not responding to any mouse/kb/controller clicks, but I am getting the image on my quest, but in non-3d desktop mode. I think it looks like its rendering out of place... like POV is too forward in coockpit as some geometry is bisecting the view

Any suggestions... thanks :)


I've just bought this and I'm looking forward to playing: but when I start, I can't get beyond the cockpit loading screen. I get an error message reading 'Outside ship. Squeeze & hold grip to recenter.' My controllers are unresponsive and no matter what combination of buttons I press, nothing happens. I'm using an Index headset & two Vive controllers, setting the play area to roomscale. Please can you let me know if there is a workaround; and if not, how I can get a refund (which I don't want to do, natch)?


Hey there. Thats a bug thats only effecting index. Will have it fixed before the end of the week. Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks Blair. After a lot of messing about I discovered that if you ignore the error message and click on the new game (or save, or something) icon at the top of the right hand monitor in the cockpit (the only thing you can click on), the game loads and plays fine. 

It's looking very good so far - you've really captured the Ridley Scott Bladerunner vibe. One note: the ship controls are very right-handed. Maybe they could be mirrored for us Sinister players?

HEy! I sent you an email, but it seems you haven't gotten it. I'm looking to get into the discord server now that I've bought the game. My discord is AntiChickenn#6969 , thank you.

There appears to be a scanner in your vehicle but it only toggles the other menu's corresponding buttons with the boost and hud etc options... It would be cool to be able to listen to the scanner and have crimes reported for you to go to. Also, I am having a tough time figuring out the predecessor mission after a certain point. Any help with that?

We'll have you covered. Right now all that stuff is in a half finished state. Its us, not you ;)
Soon the scanner will work and the quests will make sense.

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Bought the game, it loads, I select a seated experience and CONTINUE. I load into the cockpit and can look around, etc,. but after a short time (maybe 10 seconds) the screen goes black. It may flash back after 2 seconds but then it's only visible another second and then goes black again. I still hear audio, but see nothing and none of the controls appear to do anything. Is there a discord to join (it's mentioned in the .txt file) or any other way to get to a forum to see if others have experienced anything like it and potential workarounds? Rift-S here. I also tried completely disabling steam, no luck. On the main monitor the screen is just black with a red dot in the center and I ALT-F4 to get out. 

Hey. That's a weird one. You know what video card you have?
Either way, yes, we have a discord. Send an email to my name here at gmail.com and I'll get you an invite. Sorry for the toruble.

Hey back! :D EVGA RTX 2080 TI with Rift S. I'll shoot you an email. Thank you and no worries!

Hey again! Just a quick follow up. I figured out the issue. The symptom was that it played for about 30 seconds, then would black out for a bit, play for about 30 seconds more and then black out permanently. Audio still played through the headset and the video still showed on the main monitor, just in the HMD. I read online and found that symptom is related to High Definition Copyright Protection (HDCP) so I asked myself, what I could be doing to trigger that. I have a 5 foot DLP extension attached, so I removed it and retried (this was after updating drivers, double checking nothing in power management changed, testing oculus and steam vr games, etc,.). Voila. I don't know why only this game is triggering it, but there you have it. Not sure if there's some setting in Unity that can enable that or not but I know about 2 years ago NVidia pushed out a driver update which forced it on which caused MSI Laptops to have a similar problem in general... they ended up requiring a firmware update  to completely resolve (not my hardware spec, just mentioning it for posterity). Got to walk around, fly around, and enjoy the atmosphere. I've stumbled on a few issues which I'm more than happy to report but I want to make sure they're reproducible. Thanks again. Really looking forward to this!

Found a bug in the Holodexxx with some of the save stations not working. Here is a video trying to use them.

Is everything alright, Anticleric? Long phase without an update and normally I see a response from you the same day on most posts. 

With covid and all the other nonsense going on I can't help but be concerned.

Just checking in.

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Index user here, I tried your game yesterday, great mood all around, beautiful visual, I love how you managed to recreate a blade runner feeling while bringing your own stuff.

I got a few issue still, I'm aware this is an alpha version but some are quite game breaker:

1-the button to recenter the view in the cockpit at the beginning doesn't work, I have the countdown but at the end I'm not recentered at all, nothing changes.

2-the cockpit is really huge. I think there is an issue with the scale globally with many things looking huge but you feel it the most in the cockpit.

My guess is that it could be because of the ingame's IPD (for the valve Index) ?

3-I didn't get how to reload my gun, I'm left handed maybe that's the reason, maybe another reason is that you can't yet, you tell me

4-I love the loft and the bedroom view from there, really love it. I'm just a bit disappointed the ambient sound doesn't really do it justice. There is no music and no sound from the outside.

5-Finally I have a RTX 3090 and a i7 7700K with 64Gb of Ram and I have a lot of stutters.

I don't get past 45fps but I guess optimization is for another day, I totally get it. Also is there a way to increase the resolution? I have the feeling that Steam vr overlay doesn't affect the real ingame resolution, am I right?

Anyway congrats on your game, I'm really digging it, I really can't wait to see where this will go. Cheers

Hi!, sorry for the huge delay on this response.
If you send me an email to my name here at gmail.com I can get you in the discord and help sort some of these out. 
Ill take a short shot at some of it here.

1. Need to let my programmer know this. Weve had nothing but problems with recentering on steam

2. First Ive heard of this. Can you adjust your IPD manually?

3. You dont have to reload the gun. Just buy or find some more ammo. It holds 99 shots.

4. For sure. Still a lot of work to be done on that area. You'll be able to completely customize it eventually.

5. For some reason steam defaults to 110+ super sampling. Lower it to 100% and you should be fine. Steam overlay does indeed cause issues.

Again, sorry for the delay. Please do join us in discord if you can.

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Hi, I sent you an email (I'm Rick r***h****@gmail) for the discord server.

To complete this discussion before moving to discord:

1.the text on the title screen is a bit confusing too, it asks to push the thumbsticks but nothing happens.

After moving to the next screen I've seen the button on my left wrist and this is where the countdown shows but the recentering doesn't happen.

Also on a little side note: please avoid using the press-thumbsticks button for index users, this is a known issue that it eventually breaks or cause driftings so we generally prefer not using it.


2. I can adjust it on my headset with a slider but this is more of a comfort option.
What I mean is really the distance between the 2 cameras for our two eyes in the game. The more you pushes them appart in-engine, the more the world will look small and vice-versa. I've already had this issue on Overload (https://steamcommunity.com/app/448850/discussions/0/1627412171719173164/ doesn't happen to every Index users it seems.. ) and some other games but it's a rare thing.

3. All right, where should I put the ammo though? I have a gun in my left hand, the ammo in my right hand and I don't know what to do with it.. I'll try again tonight.

4. Great! It looks so cool! Meanwhile maybe if you can just add an environmental sound like futuristic-city ambiant noise to add a bit of immersion? This view and layout in the room is my goal in real life now :)

5. fpsvr shows that it's using too much CPU so it stutters, but that's a common issue I have with VR games. My CPU is just too damn old :'(


Just a report: at apartment 4 (with the fly) I spawn outside the room, so I cannot see my hands. Steam recenter places me in the same position. If I walk far away, recenter, then return to original position I can enter the room by clipping through the door, but my hands are far away across the room, and it's not really viable to do anything. Turning controllers on and off doesn't help. Controller walking/turning doesn't work (because I guess I am stuck in the wall or something), but I can physically change my viewpoint by walking IRL. Happens every time. I can't get into this room (properly). Thanks, as always.

Thanks for the report. It's been fixed and will be in the next build :)

Hey Anticleric, I bought the early access a while back, and I've been trying to play the latest updates but i don't know how to update the old zip file, or if i have to re download an updated one?


You can either download the whole thing again through the website, or you can use the itch app(recommended), which will just patch the updates. 

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Hi. You're game will be outstandly good! I love all the interaction: mini arcade games, movie theater, radios, wrist device, in-game saving machines, flying car driving, etc. On the other hand, because of the fog, I can't see the details of some environments. But maybe it's because of my headset. I play with an Oculus Quest 1 through Virtual Desktop. Anyway, you're game is great! Thank you!

Thank you for the support and feedback :)

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Hello.First I’d thanks for interest game. I bought Low Fi tomorrow and starts explore the games mechanic. But I have problem with save game. I explored a Save consoles around world , but every time if I touched Save ( Discete icon) the game freeze to black screen with red dot in center of screen :( . So I want ask, How I can save game and is possible save in consoles?
  I playing on Oculus Qusest 2 through Wirtual Desktop, and PC gf card GTX 1050 ti 4gb , PC Ram 16 gb. 
(Sorry my English please, isn’t my mattery )

Hi. We're looking into this problem. Thank you for the support and the bug report :)


Just got this yesterday and tried it today... wow! I can't wait to dive in a bit deeper, but I'm definitely digging it so far.

Just one thing I noticed: the emulator guide says the files need to go within the LOW-FI_Data directory, but it turns they seem to go into the installation directory. I followed the instructions and got confused, but as soon as I saw the Libretro directory I realized what *actually* needs to be done and, sure enough, it worked!

Otherwise keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what else is coming!

Awesome. Thank you :) Updating it right now.